Happy Dances II

Happy Dances II 2010 from D. Chase Angier on Vimeo.

Happy Dances II was a six-hour, non-stop site specific dance performed in the rain in an outdoor courtyard at Alfred University.  The piece was inspired by the site and the belief in the infectious power of dance, music and spontaneous gatherings.  It was performed intentionally during midterm exams and during a gloomy cold time of year. Every hour on the hour, a three-minute choreographed dance choreographed by D. Chase Angier was performed to Don’t Rain on my Parade sung by Barbra Streisand. During the remainder of each hour, more than 100 participants, wearing clothing that made them happy, danced and bounced on a mini trampoline within a colorful set installation to songs they picked that inspired their happiness. Students, faculty members and staff danced expressively in the rain for six hours.